Developmental Connections focuses on developing, maintaining and expanding a variety of Residential, Vocational and/or Related Services that enhance community participation of Taney County residents who have a developmental disability.

Get Started Guide – (Download SCAT-Services-Brochure-2015)

Who is eligible?

Anyone having a diagnosed developmental disability meeting the following criteria. A developmental disability is a disability which:

  1. Is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injury, autism, or a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction, or any other mental or physical or mental impairment
  2. Occurs before age 22
  3. Has been determined that this disability is likely to continue indefinitely and
  4. Results in a substantial functional limitation in two or more of the following six areas of major life activities: self care, receptive and expressive language development and use, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living or economic self-sufficiency and mobility.

Eligibility is determined by what’s known as a functional assessment as opposed to linking eligibility to a specific diagnosis.

How do I get started?

  1. Obtain a medical diagnosis of the developmental disability in writing from a doctor.
  2. Contact the MO Division of Developmental Disabilities, Springfield Regional Office:
    1515 E. Pythian, Springfield, MO 65801
    Phone: 417-895-7400 Fax: 417-895-7412

Once you are eligible through the MO Division of DD, you will be assigned a case manager through our office. If you feel that we can be of assistance to you or your family member, please contact us at 417-334-8985.


What services are available?

The following are some of the paid services that may be authorized in an individual’s plan to address needs:

  • Autism services
  • Respite services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Self-Directed Services
  • Medicaid Home & Community Based Waiver programs
  • Home Skills Development, Day Services, Job Discovery and Preparation, Community Employment and Community Integration are also provided.

(Each service may have additional eligibility guidelines and be subject to available funds.)