New Housing Project Breaks Ground

Providing Affordable Housing for Families with Disabilities

Representatives from Developmental Connections, North Star Housing, Zimmerman Properties Construction, Wallace Architects and the Missouri Housing Development Commission came together last week to break ground on a new affordable housing development for families and individuals with developmental disabilities in Taney County.
The Saints Street Apartments project will provide subsidized housing for up to 30 eligible people who currently do not have access to affordable options. The $3.4 million dollar project has seen challenges.


Funding came in the form of low-income housing tax credits for construction issued by the Missouri Housing Development Commission, and a $100,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development that will be supplemented with operating revenues to provide rent assistance to tenants.

Developmental Connections, the Taney County Board for the Developmentally Disabled, has managed the construction of two HUD-subsidized housing projects, Dorgan Weaver Apartments and Combs-Redfern Apartments, which are both at capacity with lengthy wait-lists. There are currently 34 people on the wait-list for Saints Street. The three housing projects offer differing levels of oversight for their residents. Saints Street will provide the least on-site support and will focus on providing assistance in the form of transportation to work, shopping and community engagement activities.

About Developmental Connections:

The SB40 Board (Developmental Connections) is a political sub-division of the county, empowered to collect a county-wide property tax for the establishment and/or operation of a sheltered workshop, residential facilities and/or related services for the care or employment of Taney County residents with developmental disabilities. The Board’s goal is to assist and support local nonprofit agencies in the development of resources to enhance the lives and opportunities available to persons with developmental disabilities in Taney County. Our vision is that Taney County residents and families of individuals with developmental disabilities will look upon Developmental Connections as a central resource of information, referral and support for services and the development of opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.


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