Developmental Connections Receives Near-Perfect Housing Audit Scores

On January 13, 2016, officials from HUD REAC (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Real Estate Assessment Center) visited Combs-Redfern Apartments, a facility providing housing for people with developmental disabilities, for its annual inspection.  A score of 99A out of 100 was awarded and Max Lytle, Executive Director of Developmental Connections, credits the hard work of the staff. “Jamie Clark [facilities manager] and Melody Case [Director of Residential Services] are on a roll,” said Lytle. “They received a score of 99B on the last inspection of our other supported care facility, Dorgan-Weaver Apartments.” Each of these scores means the building will not be up for re-inspection for three years from the date of the last inspection, due to the diligent care taken by staff to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Developmental Connections manages two supported living apartment projects, Combs-Redfern and Dorgan-Weaver, providing secure living environments for up to 29 residents with trained support staff, transportation services and on-site laundry facilities. Both apartment projects provide supervision and the supports and opportunities for social interaction necessary to insure that residents have a successful independent living experience in a safe, comfortable style of life. HUD provides rent subsidies for each eligible resident, so that no tenant pays more than 30% of his/her monthly income for rent and utilities. Food, telephone, cable and personal spending are the responsibility of the resident.

Breaking ground on Mt. Branson in fall of 2015, the Saints Street Apartment project will provide up to 30 residents with developmental disabilities, including families, with housing. All of the apartment projects currently have waitlists. The scheduled completion date for Saints Street is fall 2016.

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