Release of 2015 Annual Report

A Note from Our Chairman of the Board

cheri-gailAs I look back on this past year at Developmental Connections, and my first year as Chairman of its Board of Directors, I feel a sense of awe. I’m in awe of all the wonderful things I’m being blessed to be a small part of and the many lives this organization touches.

My daughter, who just turned 31, had a life care plan done when she was 6 years old. At that time the only adult residential options were on the east coast or the west coast. There was nothing in this area or even within a close distance.

Now, through the services provided by Developmental Connections, my daughter is happily in her own apartment surrounded by friends and loving staff to assist her. I am in awe. (See page 5 for J.J.’s story.)

One thing that I would like to see change in the coming year is that our organization and all of its benefits become better known to our community. Through word of mouth, you can help spread the word about the supports and services that are available to anyone with a developmental disability in our community. Please share our annual report and share our message.


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