combswelcomeEligibility to receive services from the Division of Developmental Disability is determined by what’s known as a functional assessment. A developmental disability is a disability which is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injury, autism, or a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction, or any other mental or physical or mental impairment which occurs before the age 22.

It must be determined that this disability is likely to continue indefinitely and that it results in a substantial functional limitation in two or more of the following six areas of major life activities: self care, receptive and expressive language development and use, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living or economic self sufficiency and mobility.

Services are provided to persons of any age. The only age requirement in determining eligibility is that the disability must have occurred prior to age 22 and is likely to last indefinitely.

tantone3If you believe you are eligible for services, contact the Springfield Regional Office:

515 E. Pythian
PO Box 5030
Springfield, MO 65801
Phone: 417-895-7400
Fax: 417-895-7412

Once you are deemed eligible, a local Case Manager will be assigned to you through LinkAbility, Inc., to meet with you to discuss available services through Developmental Connections and other agencies.

Go to LinkAbility’s website for more information. Go to LinkAbility’s website for more information.