Family Choices

The Family Choices program ensures that Taney County families are provided with a greater choice in selection of in-home residential support providers for their child or family member.

creative-day3What is the goal of the Family Choice Program?

Enabling families to maintain normal rhythms of life, including work, school, and social/recreational activities. Supporting families in the care of their loved one at home for as long as they desire and are able, so as to prevent premature placement of an individual with a developmental disability into a residential facility.

What services are provided through the Family Choices Program?

Funding is made available to Taney County families who have a family member with a developmental disability for in-home residential support, specialized equipment purchases, summer camp scholarships, parent training opportunities, Project Lifesaver and Therapeutic Riding of the Ozarks.

What is in-home residential support?

Temporary care provided to a child or adult with a developmental disability to help meet the family’s needs and maintain the well-being of the individual.

When and where are the services provided?

Services are scheduled to meet the family’s most pressing needs. In-home Residential Support can be provided on a regular schedule or as needed basis due to either the absence of the primary care-giver or their need for short-term relief.

Where do I find someone to provide in-home residential support for my family member?

Most families start with those who know their child and his/her special needs. Extended family members, church-family members, and para-professionals from the child’s school are good examples.

How do I secure funding for summer camp for my child?

Securing funding for summer camp for your child, as with any of the services funded through the Family Choices Program begins with a telephone call to the Developmental Connections office at 417-335-4135.