History of the SB40 Board in Taney County

  • 1979 – Tantone Industries opened, providing a supported work environment to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Through its programs (recycling, shredding, light assembly, commercial laundry and courier services) Tantone provides a valuable service to area businesses.
  • Nov. 1980 – Passage of Senate Bill 40 allows for a tax to be collected to fund services for adults with developmental disabilities in Taney County.
  • Apr. 1981 – Taney County Board for the Developmentally Disabled (later renamed Developmental Connections) was formed by the Taney County Commission, and the first Board was appointed by the Commission.
  • 1983 – 10,000 square feet Tantone Industries building constructed providing space for industrial production, offices and employee lunchroom.
  • 1996- Tantone Industries building expanded to 20,000 square feet to accommodate the growing need for employment services for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • 2007 – Dorgan-Weaver Apartments opens.
  • 2009-Developmental Disabilities Resource Center opens providing space for day habilitation programs and offices for administration and the future Service Coordination program.
  • 2011 – Developmental Connections contracts with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide case management services in Taney, Stone and Ozark counties.
  • 2011- Tantone Industries building renovated and expanded to 30,000 square feet adding a commercial laundry program and warehouse with truck docks to accommodate the growing recycling services provided by the workshop.
  • 2013 -Developmental Connections acquires the former Mount Branson Christian Church building for conversion into office space for the rapidly growing Service Coordination and Advocacy Team (SCAT).
  • 2013 – Creative Day Services program opens.
  • 2014 – Combs-Redfern Apartments opens.
  • 2016 – Saints Street Apartments opened.
  • 2017 – LinkAbility Inc. was created as the Dept. of Mental Heath case management contracting agency, separating it from Developmental Connections.


Developmental Connections is primarily funded through Taney County property tax, Medicaid and grants.


The Missouri State Statutes governing Developmental Connections are as follows:

205.968. Facilities authorized–persons to be served, limitations, definitions.
205.969. Sheltered workshop program rules and regulations–board may provide residences or social centers.
205.970. Board of directors, appointment, qualifications, terms, officers, powers and duties–vacancies and removal from office, procedure.
205.971. Tax levy, approval, use.
205.972. Maximum tax–ballot form.
205.973. Employers of workshop participants not liable for city head tax.

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