Housing Options

Four residential service options are currently available in Taney County for individuals with developmental disabilities. These include:

  • In-Home Residential Support
  • Supported Living Apartment Projects
  • Individualized Supported Living
  • Congregate Housing

In-Home Residential Support

For more information about the In-Home Residential Support program (“Family Choices”), click here.

Supported Living Apartment Projects

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Developmental Connections manages three supported living apartment projects, providing secure living environments, with training and support staff, transportation services and on-site laundry facilities. Both apartment projects provide supervision and the supports and opportunities for social interaction necessary to insure that residents have a successful transition to independent living in a safe comfortable style of life.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will provide a rent subsidy for each eligible resident, so that no tenant pays more than 30% of his/her monthly income for rent and utilities. Food, telephone, cable and personal spending are the responsibility of the resident.

Dorgan-Weaver Apartments

Completed in 2007, Dorgan-Weaver Apartments offers 14 self-contained apartment units to adults with developmental disabilities, who are capable of most of their own independent living needs, such as cooking cleaning, laundry and daily medications. The project provides a live-in resident manager and daily staff support to help residents become more self-sufficient and independent.

Combs-Redfern Apartments

Completed in 2014, Combs-Redfern Apartments offers 15 apartment units with individualized staff support for adults with developmental disabilities who require around-the-clock supervision and assistance in order to live safely and successfully away from their families’ homes.

Saints Street Apartments

Opened in fall of 2016, the Saints Street complex provides affordable housing for individuals, couples and families with children with developmental disabilities.

For more information, contact our Property Manager Donna Bassett at 417-335-4135 or dbassett@taneydds.com.

Individualized Supported Living

Individualized Supported Living (ISL) facilities provide residential services to up to three persons in one location. Most ISLs are located in affordable apartments rented by the individuals with developmental disabilities. Services and supports for the residents are tailored to meet their levels of ability and need. ISLs are provided by non-profit corporations working under contract with the Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities and Developmental Connections.

Congregate Housing

Congregate housing is provided in a Residential Care Facility located in Forsyth. For additional information, please contact the Developmental Connections office at 417-335-4135.